Nilfisk offers both stationary systems for farm buildings and mobile units for outdoor spaces.

From livestock to arable farming – we offer the right solution for every need

Increasing consolidation within agriculture is driving demand for automation and advanced equipment. At Nilfisk, we offer both tailored stationary systems for your farm buildings and storage facilities as well as mobile units for machinery, outdoor spaces, courtyards, machine pools or production.

Improve sanitation and boost productivity

Regular cleaning protects your animals from pests and sickness. Hygiene requirements are becoming more and more strict, which can take time away from your primary business.

Nilfisk can help. From pressure washers to vacuum systems and floor care equipment, be it mobile or stationary we offer products that help you meet your everyday cleaning requirements.

Our machines are powerful enough to ensure clean stables, stalls, vehicles and equipment.




Nilfisk advantages for agriculture

  • Saves time on business-critical sanitation maintenance to ensure your productivity

  • Prolongs the lifetime of your equipment to increase productivity

  • Robust and easy-to-use products

  • Enhanced ergonomics means less operator fatigue and savings on labour costs

  • Increase safety and reduce risk by minimising chemical fumes, slippery floors and slip-and-fall accidents

Certified safety and reduced health risks

Nilfisk ensures the safety and health of your workers by using internationally certified technology in our cleaning machines.

F or example, our solutions for dangerous dust handling include 99.97% effective HEPA filters, as well as ATEX-ceritified explosion-proof vacuums. Unlike standard vacuums, our ATEX-certified products come complete with Nilfisk AntiStatic systems designed to prevent the ignition of any flammable materials, such as grain dust.

Improving sanitation within agriculture

Whether your business is livestock farming or dairy farming, Nilfisk cleaning equipment is designed to make your facilities more sanitary and your cleaning practices more productive. 

Our environmentally-sound cleaning solutions improve cleanliness with fewer chemicals and less labor and significantly improve staff wellbeing. Improving your facilities and enhancing your reputation is all part of our commitment to providing you with superior value, reliability and efficiency in everything we make and everything we do.


The Professional's Choice
Nilfisk is the professional's choice for cleaning in agriculture
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