Accessories, optionals and filters for industrial vacuum solutions

Using the right accessory or optional means getting the maximum result from any action because they make your daily work easier and efficient, enhancing the performance of your Nilfisk industrial vacuum.
The difference between accessories and optionals is the following: 

  • ACCESSORY: everything which is o ​utside the machine, from the inlet to the terminal tools 
  • OPTIONAL: it is mounted on the machine, it is used to upgrade the machine to get new functionalities.

Optionals & Separators


The wide variety of option​als allows the best results to be obtained in every operational context, with immediate advantages and benefits in terms of savings in time and resources.

Separators are containers placed between the vacuum point and the vacuum cleaner and are the most effective way to vacuum and collect solids or liquids without having to use the container on the vacuum cleaner.

Finally, in this area, you will find a simple overview of the most common filters and filter cleaning systems.


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