Optionals & Separators

You can expand the potential of your vacuum cleaner and use it for various jobs to meet specific requirements only mounting an optional. The wide variety of optionals allows the best results to be obtained in every operational context, with immediate advantages and benefits in terms of savings in time and resources. You can choose systems to separate liquids from solids, as well as automatic stops, or different types of filters, or many other options that will allow you to upgrade the vacuum cleaner according to your needs.

Separators are containers placed between the vacuum point and the vacuum cleaner, and are the most effective way to vacuum and collect solids or liquids without having to use the container on the vacuum cleaner.

For example, if you need to vacuum large amounts of very fine dust, the separator offers the advantage of collecting almost all the vacuumed dust to prevent clogging the vacuum cleaner filter, guaranteeing a longer working life and consistently high performance from the vacuum cleaner. When vacuuming liquids, there is no risk of getting the filter wet and having to replace it often, for the above reasons. 

Separators are added value in all intensive applications, offering immediate benefits, saving time, extending the life
of the vacuum cleaner and its components, offering greater operational efficiency, safety and environmental protection.
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