ATTIX 33 & 44 Series

Superior dust extraction for professional and safe cleaning - It does the job, so I can do mine
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Because only the best is good enough…​

Dust class L

Completely reengineered and designed with professionals like you in mind, the new ATTIX 33 & 44 series dust extractors offer an impressive suction power with improved air velocity giving you a better dust pick-up and increased productivity. - So you can keep your mind on the job!



Because hard work shouldn’t be harder than it has to be…

Dust class M

With the new generation of best-in-class ATTIX dust extractors you get higher performance, increased productivity and lower maintenance cost. With the Nilfisk InfiniClean™ filter cleaning system, the filter is automatically cleaned every 15 seconds, so you can keep your mind on the job without worrying about reduced suction power – even in fine dust applications.​


Free Accessory Kit 

Get a free Accessory Kit worth over £100 with every ATTIX 33/44 machine. The Accessory Kit includes tool box adapter plates and a tool box. 

The tool box is ideal for storing tools and accessories and even includes two filters and two disposal bags. The adapter plates attach to the top of the dust extractor and the tool box easily fixes on to the plates so everything you need to get the job done is at hand.



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Non-stop high productivity

The Nilfisk InfiniClean™ system automatically cleans the filter with a reversed airflow pulse every 15 seconds, so you can keep your mind on the job without worrying about reduced suction power. And because of the powerful cleaning pulse, you can fill an entire container without the need for filter maintenance – even in demanding, fine dust applications.


Powerful and safe benefits

Our new primary filter is constructed from a durable, non-stick washable PTFE material that achieves a minimum of 99.9% reliable filtration efficiency of fine dust particles. 

It is easy to access and can just be rinsed under the tap - saving time, lasting longer and lowering the total cost of ownership.​

Superior dust extraction
- with common sense built in

Because we have spent a lot of time talking to people just like you, we know how important those little details that mean something “just works”, are. That’s  why we’ve crammed a number of practical features into every ATTIX machine to make your job easier.

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