​Simplicity is the main concept behind the All-In-One range. We are talking about the simplicity of selecting the right combination for your application. You can now choose between 5 different models built according to the main needs of 4 different segments and equipped with the best accessory kit which enhances the efficiency of vacuum cleaners, making it the perfect solution.

Just plug and play... and continue with the task in hand
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The General Cleaning vacuum cleaner is the excellent balance among efficiency compactness and price. ​

Compact and powerful, it’s already equipped with an industrial cleaning accessories kit, ideal for cleaning spacious areas, both on the floor and difficult spots.

This kit lets you clean areas quickly and effectively.​

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The Building and Construction vacuum cleaner is the VHS120 H Class third-party certified machine, which represents the state-of-art of industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for collecting hazardous materials. ​

This machine also comes with a new and improved antistatic accessory kit, designed specifically for the building and construction industry.​

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The Brewery & Distillery - Liquids vacuum cleaner is ideal when you must suck acid liquids from casks, tanks or from the floor.

In the winery sector it’s important to wash the casks and the floors with high-pressure washers. After that, the best way to keep the environment clean and dry is by using the Winery vacuum cleaner. ​

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The Metal - Swarf collection vacuum cleaner is ideal when the main need is cleaning the machine tools and the floors, and you must recover more than 70% of metal chips and less than 30% of oil. ​

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The Metal - Liquids vacuum cleaner is ideal when the main need is emptying the tanks, and you must recover 60% of liquids and no more than 40% of metal chips. ​ This configuration is completed by a full set of oilproof accessories able to treat any type of surfaces where oils must be sucked up. ​
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