Micro Scrubber Dryer Range

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Nilfisk ensures optimal productivity with superb cleaning results every time
Nilfisk offers a full range of micro scrubber dryers, suitable for any customer need or applications. From small office spaces to larger areas. They are guaranteed to reduce total cost of ownership by reducing cleaning time, consumptions and manpower requirements. Their innovative features maximise uptime and minimise downtime.​


Compact Dimensions 

Ideal for use in confined spaces, reach into every corner of a room, under every obstacle for superior cleaning in difficult to reach areas. 

Design features such as low deck profile and offset enables cleaning next ​walls, under furniture and hard to clean areas. 





High manoeuvrability

Navigate obstacles easily with the highly manoeuvrable Nilfisk micro scrubber dryers. Features such as an ergonomic handle enable effective cleaning in low positions under obstacles such as furniture. 

The low weight and the compact dimensions allow ease of use and transportation for the operator. ​​

Easy to maintain and service​

​Thanks to an intelligent assembly system, less screws, springs and more interlocking parts, costs and time for service have been enormously reduced.

The removable solution/recovery tanks make it easy for the operator to empty/refill and keep them clean. 

Tool free maintenance makes changing the squeeges and brushes quick and easy.

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