17 MAY 2010

Nilfisk-Alto Scrubtec Boost 5

Following the success of the larger boost models, Nilfisk Alto launches a compact Scrubtec Boost 5. Ideally used in retail stores, restaurants, kitchens, hospitals, schools, offices and sports centres, the new Scrubtec Boost 5 delivers all the features of the existing Scrubtec 553BL. The new boost technology significantly reduces your overall cleaning costs, reducing your down time and noise levels, whilst offering cleaner floors and more effective burnishing.

For years the only way to productively clean and maintain smooth tile or concrete floors has been with a single or twin disc automatic scrubber using rotating pads or brushes.

50% - 70% less water consumption: The orbital action contains the cleaning solution in the brush deck and carries it for the full length of the pad/brush. Compared to traditional disc scrubbers that sling water away form the pad, Boost's efficient use of the cleaning solution results in water savings of 50% - 70%

50% - 70% less chemical consumption: Using less water means using significantly less cleaning chemical. With the Scrubtec Boost, there is no need to change your current floor care chemical program.

25% increase in battery runtime: The reduced water usage and reduced pad/brush pressure enables the Scrubtec Boost to utilize the motors and battery pack more efficiently which translates into an increase of run time of up to 25% compared to similar disc scrubbers!

40% increase in pad life: Less pad pressure is required to achieve the desired cleaning result since the dirt is attacked from multiple directions. The combination of high RPM orbital action at reduced pad / brush pressure can extend the life of your floor pads by up to 40%