12 OCTOBER 2013

Time-saving sweeper cleans out with ease

SW900 walk-behind sweeper will increase your everyday productivity through higher performance and improved ergonomics. The sweeper can be used for both indoor and outdoor use offers dust free removal of dry debris – even the smallest particles – also on carpet areas. An ideal sweeper for cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, hotels, exhibition & congress centers.


All controls reached from operator position
All settings and controls can be overviewed and reached from operator position giving you more effective and productive sweeping. Driving the machine forward has also been made easier with the new ergonomic handle which has an integrated traction lever for control of the speed. The foldable handle is ideal when it comes to storage and transportation of the sweeper.
Ease of use with hopper on wheels
Thanks to the unique new hopper system the user can grab the foldable handle and pull the 60 litre hopper off the sweeper with ease. It will be on wheels within seconds securing ergonomic and safe transportation to the place of disposal. This saves time enabling the user to dump the debris quickly and comfortably. So sweeping can be resumed almost immediately.


Side broom control and improved filter cleaning
Increasing productivity through faster, more accurate sweeping is another important benefit of the sweeper. Now the side broom can be controlled from the handlebar, offering greater maneuverability and ease of use. 
The improved dust control, provided by the new electric filter shaker system, will also add productivity by saving time for additional cleaning. Furthermore, maintenance is simple due to the Nilfisk no-tool concept.

SW900 will be available in a battery version for in- and outdoor sweeping, and in a petrol version for outdoor use.