17 MAY 2012



Nilfisk is offering solutions to short and long term cleaning equipment needs and now has a comprehensive rental offering available.
Control your cleaning budget in advance and optimise operating costs by adjusting your fleet size to the minimum number of units needed. Adapt your cleaning fleet to sudden peaks in demand, based on unforeseen circumstances. It’s easy. Start renting today!

Long Term rentals give all the benefits of use with none of the risks of ownership. Short term rental solutions mean you can react immediately to a situation with a predicted cost.  Other benefits include a single point of contact and simplified fleet management.

The Nilfisk rental programme is backed by the strength and flexibility of our branch network. Whether you need short, medium or long-term rental, Nilfisk is offering cost-effective, peace-of-mind solutions.


§  Minimal capital outlay – usually just monthly payments

§  Flexible terms

§  New or near new equipment

§  Access to the most up-to-date technology improving operator satisfaction, OH&S & overall efficiencies.

§  Competitive rental rates

§  On site delivery and training

§  All scheduled service and maintenance is included in the monthly rate


Call the Nilfisk customer service team for more information on rental services

1300 556 710.