The practical answer for smaller area cleaning

SCRUBTEC 233 represents a unique combination of compact design, cleaning performance and drying efficiency. However, despite its compact profile, the SCRUBTEC 233 offers the highest brush pressure within its class.

Designed to scrub and dry floors in congested and space-restricted areas, this unit is intended for use in canteens, restaurants, hotels, schools, kitchens, retail areas, garage/car facilities and anywhere that can normally only be cleaned by a single-disc machine and vacuum cleaner.

The SCRUBTEC 233 features spring-activated dual brushes/pads with a floor pressure of up to 18 kg to ensure cleaning efficiency. Furthermore double squeegees enable vacuuming and scrubbing whilst moving in either direction, backwards or forwards. The machine weighs just 22 kg and can easily be transported from one job site to another.

With an additional accessory kit, SCRUBTEC 233 can also be used as carpet/upholstery cleaner for cleaning office carpets/furniture, car seats etc.