26 JUNE 2013

Unique compact Scrubber/Dryer in small area cleaning

Nilfisk SC351 is a compact machine with a rotating deck that can scrub and dry both forward and backward thus improving performance and maneuverability.

Nilfisk SC351 is compact Scrubber/Dryer with a rotating deck enabling it to operate both forward and backward and perfectly clean even hard to reach areas. The low noise level enables daytime cleaning and makes Nilfisk SC351 ideally suited for cleaning hotels, schools, small shops, offices, canteens and coffee shops.


High cleaning performance, maneuverability and reliability has been the driving force in developing SC351 and is guaranteed with a powerful brush motor and the squeegee with excellent suction performance. Big rear wheels ensure high maneuverability and the ergonomic adjustable handle makes it easy to use and easy to fold for storage and transportation.
Nilfisk SC351 is a reliable start-and-go machine that requires minimum training. Maintenance is fast and simple.


  • 27 kg of down pressure for outstanding scrubbing effectiveness.
  • A redesigned deck ensures reliability and increased performance with low maintenance costs.
  • Optima batteries available offering high productivity, constant performance, less weight and more environmental friendly with the use of less lead.
  • Easy deck adjustment for perfect traction control.
  • New squeegee system with better airflow, and patent blade retaining system for easy removal and change of blades gives better performance.
  • Fast and simple maintenance: All components are accessible quickly, without the need for tools.
  • Adjustable water flow with two optional settings.
  • Brush deck with large bumper rollers and spring system for shock absorption improve reliability.