16 DECEMBER 2015

Take a ride and speed up cleaning productivity

​The compact Nilfisk SC2000 scrubber dryer introduces significant benefits at the same price level as a walk-behind machine.


Cleaning productivity will increase by up to 50% by switching to the Nilfisk SC2000 mini ride-on scrubber dryer instead of using a walk-behind machine. Nilfisk SC2000 is an ideal solution for indoor cleaning of offices, supermarkets, sports centers, shops, restaurants, hotels, and institutions like hospitals and schools.
Effective with a low sound level
Despite being extremely compact, the SC2000 is building on all the reliability and benefits of the larger Nilfisk ride-on scrubber dryers. The machine is very compact and easy to maneuver, also in small spaces, and the low sound level enables daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas.
Productive and comfortable
High productivity is obtained through the working speed of 6 km/h together with high capacity water tanks, each holding 70 liters. The effective scrubbing width is 53 cm wide.
Riding on the machine is both comfortable and easy: all cleaning functions will be activated simply by pushing the One-Touch button. The water/detergent flow is self-adjusting according to the speed of the machine, ensuring constant cleaning efficiency and saving water.


Saving water and detergent is furthermore ensured by the unique Nilfisk Ecoflex system. Total Cost of Ownership is low as a result of the attractive price, the high quality components, and easy maintenance with 2 keys: 1 for the operator with basic setting and 1 for super user with full option setting to prevent any mistakes by the operator.
  • Productive: 53 cm scrubbing width, high speed (6 km/h), 70/70 L tanks and 3.5 hours of running time
  • Compact and comfortable: very compact dimensions for narrow areas, comfortable seat and wide space for operator’s legs
  • Consistent cleaning quality: Solution flow of detergent/water automatically controlled by speed
  • Ideal for daytime cleaning: Low noise Vac motor system with silent mode setting working at just 62 ±3 dBA
  • Easy to control: Extremely user friendly and easy to learn. Dashboard with One-Touch button; intuitive display integrated in the steering wheel
  • New water filling system automatically shutoff water when the tank is full
  • USB port as option
  • Easy handling: Automatic brush click on/off and plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system
  • Sustainable: Ecoflex system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning. Self-adjusting brush speed according to floor type and application to save energy consumptions
  • Settings effectively controlled: Separate user and super user keys




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