3 APRIL 2013

A new era in road sweeping with the RS 2200

New on the market, the Nilfisk RS 2200 is entering an important and challenging segment of the road sweeper market. The powerful and reliable engine allows a 22% climbing ability while fully loaded and sweeping.

The RS 2200 is designed to meet the needs of modern street cleaning, and to achieve a high rate of productivity. Amongst the many leading features, the company points particularly to the unit’s ability to combine quick and effective cleaning with a minimum of airborne dust. It is also easy to operate, which in turn reduces operator errors while improving the cleaning result. The unit has a wide, 2.5 meter sweeping path, yet thanks to its articulated steering, can clean efficiently even in congested situations. A high-pressure washer, rear suction hose and air conditioning are supplied as standard. Most importantly,the Nilfisk RS 2200 is green, since it is equipped with an Euro4 engine.

The goal of this unit is to meet the needs of today’s municipalities. In this era of budgetary constraints, environmental legislation, and rising costs, it is essential that road sweeping be carried out as efficiently, as productively, and as cost-effectively as possible. The RS 2200, with its best-in-class suction performance, has been designed with these criteria very much in mind.

Nilfisk’s use of the latest technologies, and its focus on meeting the demands of its customers has brought road sweeping in line with the needs of today’s municipalities.

  2.2 m3 Stainless steel hopper capacity and multi level high
dump (1.0-1.6m)
  2.5 m max sweeping width with 3rd broom, sweeping system
fully adjustable
  Robust articulated steering system
  95,2 hp 4cyl engine VM R754 EURO4
  Maintenance Tracking System with Euro4 diagnostic tool

    The articulated steering offers greater manoeuvrability to speed up cleaning in congested situations

The 2.2 m3 stainless steel hopper can be dumped to at a variable height of 1.0 - 1.6 m.

    Rear suction hose, possibility to use it both when sweeping or independently = Productivity and Flexibility