3 APRIL 2013

Nilfisk CYCLONE - Compact Ride-on High Pressure Washer

The Nilfisk CYCLONE is designed to be easy to operate and maintain, offering convenient access to machine components. It cleans expansive areas in less time than traditional walk-behind pressure washers and is easy to manoeuvre a long side curbs and around corners with its standard power steering.

Additionally, the machine can be transformed from a surface cleaner to a curb cleaner or a hand-wand cleaner with a simple turn of a lever.

The patented cleaning and recovery head aggressively removes build-up, marks and petroleum deposits from concrete and asphalt, with absolutely no discharge into the environment and no damage to cleaned surfaces. All water used in the cleaning process is recovered and filtered, so all contaminants are removed, contained, and the water is recycled. Nothing is left behind but a clean surface that dries quickly and is usable immediately. The Nilfisk CYCLONE eliminates dragging hoses, surface runoff, frequent stops for dumping and refilling, wet feet and polluting the environment.


  • Deep cleaning from hot water pressure washing with consistent results
  • Water recycling system to significantly increase cleaning cycles
  • Cleans without the use of chemicals
  • Ride-on machine that cleans and recovers, in a single pass
  • 83 cm cleaning path with deep cleaning consistency across entire path
  • Higher productivity rates than a manual pressure washer
  • Inline heater system heats water to 71 °C increasing cleaning effective
  • One-person operation with full control of speeds using joystick controlled hydrostatic drive
  • Hydraulic 4-wheel power steering provides tight turning radius and exceptional manoeuvrability