29 NOVEMBER 2013

Nilfisk GD 930Q

​Nilfisk GD 930Q is your reliable partner for demanding cleaning applications and even quieter operation in noise sensitive areas such as day time cleaning in offices, hospital ward or vacuuming and cleaning in hotels. With a sound pressure level of only 42 dB(A) Q for sure means quiet and daytime cleaning will be a true option.

GD 930Q is a new variant of our world class famous dry vacuum cleaner GD 930. It is specially build for noise sensitive areas and with all the well-known features of the GD 930. Rugged and stable with a large dust bag capacity of 15 litres. The ingenious design optimises air flow patterns and reduces energy losses to an absolute minimum. The result is tremendous suction power with fantastic durability.

The GD 930Q has:

  • Excellent sound level
  • Outstanding durability with sturdy steel container
  • High quality components
  • High filling capacity
  • 800w fan unit for low energy consumption
  • HEPA filter

 Read more about the GD 930 range here.