11 NOVEMBER 2009

New Nilfisk-ALTO ATTIX Range

New, upgraded versions of the company’s famous ATTIX range of wet/dry vacuum cleaners, for commercial and industrial applications, have been introduced by Nilfisk-ALTO.


The smallest of the new range is the ATTIX 30, a 30 litre tank capacity unit. The lower sound level and compact profile makes this unit suitable for contractors and for use in a variety of different applications, even in more noise sensitive areas. The ATTIX 30 is available with the innovative Push&Clean filter cleaning system to ensure fine dust filtering efficiency without loss of airflow, or with the Xtreme Clean automatic filter cleaning feature. It also has the washable PET fleece filter bag that has longer life and greater moisture resistance than convential paper dust bags.


The new ATTIX 40 offers medium-to-heavy duty cleaning applications. It features a 37 litre capacity, corrosion resistant, Stainless steel tank that allows pick up of any sort of wet or dry debris. Amongst the many features highlighted, the automatic on/off convenience when working with hand tools is especially noted.


The new ATTIX 50 is a high performance unit for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. The ATTIX 50 has a large volume 47 litre capacity tank to allow longer working time between emptying. It is aimed at applications in construction, factories, garages and where large quantities of wet and dry debris need to be cleaned. The new ATTIX 50 features Xtreme Clean automatic filter cleaning – allowing filter cleaning which won’t interrupt your work. The automatic on/off feature provides convenience when working with hand tools.


Nilfisk-Alto is headquartered in Denmark, and has production facilities in Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Singapore, China, Italy and the US.


Attix 50