New NEPTUNE Line Upgrade

Nilfisk-ALTO upgrades of the successful NEPTUNE medium and premium range lines of hot water professional pressure washers.

NEPTUNE 4 FA, 5 FA and 7 FA

The new NEPTUNE 4 FA and NEPTUNE 5 FA  are equipped with a hot water version of the new NA5 pump. This pump, already present in a cold water version on the POSEIDON 5, is a 3 ceramic piston wobble disc pump, driven by a 1450 rpm motor.




NEPTUNE 7 FA is equipped with the well-known C3 pump. In addition, all 3 hot water models are equipped with a flow activated system – a further development on the old 02 and C3 KEW systems. The flow activated system uses the movement of water in order to generate the start and stop impulses to the motor.

Compared to the pressure activated system, the new solution offers several advantages:

  • Absence of stand-by pressure in the hose, gun and lance during by-pass. Hoses etc become more maniable, easy to move and safe.
  • Low sensitivity to leaks in equipment, components or piping. Leaks that would generate motor start-stops on pressure activated systems will not cause these problems on flow activated systems – thus preserving motor life.

As on the pressure activated systems, pump head is not under pressure and simplicity and ease of service are good.

The terminology “FA” in the product name will indicate that the unit is equipped with a flow activated system.

Other features:

The NEPTUNE line retains all of the well-known and highly competitive features that have been important in ensuring the success of these ranges in the past years.

  • Time delayed auto start stop for extended motor reliability (and increased user comfort through no noise during work pauses)
  • Flame sensor
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • Low fuel safety to protect fuel pump
  • Duo motor system ensuring good burner function irrespective of phase connection
  • EcoPower boiler

 Flow activated motor pump unit = Increased comfort and reliability

The new NA5 pump innovation from Nilfisk-ALTO has focused on providing superior cleaning power and even higher durability. The wobble disc pump unit is not only robust and cost effective – it is also quiet, making cleaning more comfortable. No compromise has been made on quality materials and lifetime.

  • Ceramic piston sleeves offer high resistance to wear and tear
  • Brass pump head offers longer lifetime
  • 1450 rpm slow running motor continues to power the new pump, offering a major reduction in sound level and unbeatable durability.

Flow Activation
The flow activated un-loader technology is based on the traditional KEW systems – proven for more than 35 years. The start and stop impulses for the motor are created by the movement of water – and not by a drop or increase in pressure in the pump.

In 2009, Nilfisk-ALTO launches the unique flow activated control system on the lines NEPTUNE 4, 5 and 7 FA. This unique system offers several advantages, especially user comfort and safety as well when the machine runs in by-pass:

  • Increased user comfort when machine is in standby mode: No residual pressure in the hose and gun when the unit is in by-pass. The hose is easier to move around. The absence of pressure in the hose also offers a higher level of security.
  • Increased lifetime: Small water leaks in accessories or piping systems will cause the motor on pressure activated systems.
  • to start and stop – over time reducing lifetime, or even causing the breakdown of the machine. With the flow activated un-loader, small leaks will reduce motor start-stops – and thus prolongs the lifetime of the machine.
  • When activating the spray gun, the gradual increase in pressure reduces start recoil force and is more comfortable to use.
  • Easily serviced system with good access to key components.
  • Low pressure on the pump head.

The flow system does have some constraints:

  • Lower flexibility to different nozzle sizes than pressure activated systems
  • VarioPress solution not feasible – flow/pressure regulation should be done at the pump head.

The products retain the water break tank in order to also maintain the high pressure chemical function. However, this break tank alone is no longer enough to ensure the product fulfills the EU water by-laws. The user should equip his water network with the new BA valve also.
In our hot water range, in association with the water break tank and the new backflow preventer system, the NEPTUNE 4, 5 & 7 FA line is in full compliance with EN 1717 and EN 60335-2-79.

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