1 MAY 2009

Clean while you sleep!

Nilfisk-ALTO is moving into a new area – that of automatic cleaning. The aquisition of part of a local danish company allows us now to offer the MULTICLEANER, an automatic cleaning robot primarily for the pig farming segment. The MULTICLEANER has already shown good sales in Denmark and interest is growing in other regions such as Holland, Norway, Sweden and UK.

Cleaning of pig farms is a very tough job and it is more and more difficult to find competent and willing staff to perform this task. Yet hygiene levels and controls are tougher and tougher. A cleaning robot is proving to be the best way to take care of this tough job and create a working environment that will attract the best employees. The robot also leads to an overall cost saving in cleaning.

A 10-minute programming and installation cycle per sty to be cleaned – and the robot can run for as much as 8 hours, handling around 80% of the cleaning tasks. During this time, the farm staff can go ahead with other activities around the farm. Or, as one farmer informs us, simply set the robot running over night and go to bed. On waking up in the morning, the cleaning is done.

However, the MULTICLEANER does not have to be limited solely to pig farms. Indeed, the robot is adapted to any cleaning environment with the following characteristics :

  • A central alley for the robot to drive down with an obstacle at each end to give the signal to reverse
  • A cleaning site on either side of the robot without obstacles hanging down from the ceiling
For this reason, we believe that it will also be possible to find customers in other areas where there is a wish to avoid manual cleaning. Further development of the cleaning robot will later widen the number of these potential buyers, for example into :
  • Fishing industry
  • Container cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Other agricultural environments

Orders should be placed directly to Hadsund as for Project Mounts

Nilfisk-ALTO Multicleaner robot