3 APRIL 2013

New Nilfisk Mx 328H and MX 585 Multi added to the MX range

This Nilfisk range offers both cold water and hot water extraction and a host of super features, such as the unique and proprietary Evolution injection and extraction wand, and an in-line heater to provide instant hot water. When it comes to carpet care, nobody does it better than Nilfisk!

MX 328H

The MX 328H features high heat and low moisture. It is an accepted fact that increased temperature while cleaning increases the chemical activity and cleaning effectiveness.

Low moisture cleaning ensures that carpets will dry quicker, reducing down time and the possibility of mould growth. With on-demand instant hot water to 100°C, leading-edge features, and the unrivalled Evolution injection, the performance is outstanding.

  •  Highly effective hot water cleaning of carpets & upholstery
  • Easy to adjust pressure for carpet or upholstery cleaning
  • In line heater provides on demand hot water
  • Unique & super effective ‘Evolution’ injection & suction wand a standard
  • Switch adjusts pressure for carpet or upholstery cleaning
  • Large rear wheels and cord wrap for easy transportation and storage


MX 585 Multi, this unique ‘2-machines–in–1’ concept is now a reality. Think of a machine with the capability of high pressure cleaning and drying tiled floors in a single pass. Then, imagine that the same machine is used as a carpet extractor. The net result of this latest Nilfisk innovation is a massive increase in productivity, and significant savings in the cost of professional cleaning.

Deep cleaning of tiles, and more importantly, the grout between tiles, is now a simple one-pass operation. The machine sprays high pressure (83 bar) cold water and immediately vacuums the residue, to leave a clean, dry surface. A simple tool change then allows the

MX 585 Multi to be used as an efficient carpet extractor.

  • 2-machines-in-1 concept saves both investment and operating costs 
  • Efficient grout cleaning capability prevents build up of harmful bacteria
  • Automatic filling & dumping of water allows uninterrupted cleaning
  • Large rear wheels and cord wrap for easy transportation and storage
  • Easy adjustment of pressure for hard floors or carpets and upholstery