Calling Commercial Food Manufacturers

Calling all Commercial Food Manufacturers!

The Nilfisk VL500 wet and dry vacuum range offers the hygiene and versatility you have been asking for !

  • Do you need a commercial vacuum that has dual filtration for both wet and dry cleaning?
  • Do you want an intelligent design that saves you time and makes cleaning spills safe and easy?
  • Do you want a quality product with a tipping system that takes the weight off your shoulders?

Look no further !

Designed for safe single handed use, our VL500-75E is ideally suited to commercial kitchens, food manufacturers, wineries and anywhere spills can happen.

Our failsafe dual action filtration uses individual wet and dry filters working simultaneously. This means you can use a Nilfisk VL500-75E in environments that are both wet and dry without the need to change filters. We offer a variety of dual filter systems to suit your needs so there is less chance of using an incorrect filter.

The Nilfisk Ergo Tipping system makes emptying your container effortless and safe. It transfers the weight of the contents as the container is lifted reducing the need for heavy lifting. You don’t even have to remove the motor head to empty the container. It stays safely in place to minimise the risk of damage to critical components.

The unique pivoting motor head can even be left in the open position overnight to allow the container to dry between uses - just one of many examples of intelligent design.

So, when you need to clean up spills and maintain a safe, hygienic environment, the VL 500 wet and dry range is for you.

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