31 OCTOBER 2011

New BRV900

As part of the Nilfisk Advance portfolio strategy a new machine is introduced to enter the ride-on vacuum cleaner segment. The decision for moving into this segment is to ensure that Nilfisk-Advance offers efficient machines with high productivity for large area cleaning demands.

The BRV 900 puts you behind the wheel of the first Nilfisk ride-on vacuum cleaner. This machine makes cleaning large areas such as exhibition centers and airports an easy job.

The BRV 900 is a compact and maneuverable machine that can easily fit in standard elevators and through doorways. An optional on board 7.5 meter hose gives the possibility to clean areas where the machine is unable to navigate.

 BRV 900 Hard to reach areas can be serviced from the vehicle by using the detailing wand  

The BRV 900 is equipped with dual HEPA filter to protect and improve indoor air quality. The benefit of this is that it minimizes air contamination in an often busy public environment.

Additional Features:
· Dual HEPA filters protect indoor air quality
· Dual vacuum motors provide superior suction and dirt pick-up
· Dual brushes thoroughly clean all types of carpet
· “Quiet mode” is at 64 db(A) for quiet daytime cleaning
· Detailing wand offers the ability to clean hard to reach areas without leaving the machine

 BRV 900 control panel  

side broom BRV 900 

Dual HEPA filters

 Control panel


 Side broom for edge cleaning

 Dual HEPA filters