27 AUGUST 2009

When safety matters

A total of 12 vacuums make up this new ATTIX range, which is designated as the ATTIX 30, 40 and 50 Safety series. The designation number represents an indication of the container volume size. This new platform of M- and H- class machines features improved performance, and all models comply with the latest regulations covering Health and Safety vacuums.


In commenting on this new product introduction, a company spokesperson said: “The ATTIX 30, 40 & 50 series incorporates the very latest developments in filter technology and hazardous dust collection. At the same time, we have maintained our company’s focus on performance productivity and competitive pricing, and we believe that this range fully covers the needs of today’s health and safety cleaning applications.

The units include some with M-class hazardous dust approval, indicating a hazardous rating of Medium, while others have H- class (Highly hazardous) approval for work in conditions, such as asbestos removal, where the airborne dust is of a particularly hazardous nature. The Type 22 model in this range is approved for work with explosive dust in ATEX Zone 22 environments. There is also a Clean Room vacuum designed for use in clean room applications, such as are found in hospitals, electronics laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

The various models are fitted with either the Push&Clean filter system, or the XtremeClean filter system. Both systems represent filter technology designed by Nilfisk to optimise dust collection and operating efficiencies. The Push&Clean system maintains consistent suction, extends the life of the filter and saves cost, while XtremeClean offers a highly efficient and easy to activate automatic filter cleaning system.

In introducing this new range, Nilfisk-ALTO recognises the increased focus on hazardous dust collection, and the growing market for professional Health and Safety vacuum cleaners. These models replace the existing ATTIX 3/5 portfolio and feature upgraded performance, specialised accessories, new filtration material and new certifications of filter efficiency.