Benefits & Advantages of recovery of trims, waste or oil in textile production​

  • Avoid dusty environments and optimize waste disposal

  • Increase product quality and speed up production

  • Avoid oil waste and maintain the performance of automatic machines

  • Save time for machineries, systems and site cleaning

Continuous recovery of textile trims from the production/cutting line  

Model R305 is used to extract trim and dust during manufacturing processes in order to avoid machine stoppages and periods of inactivity. 

Voluminous textile trims are compacted on the bottom of the container to exploit its total capacity.



Recovery of leather waste and dust during production

Leather is heavier than cotton or other tissues, so a vacuum requires higher airflow to get the best performance. 

Nilfisk Model T40W is right for this application: powerful and reliable, it will collect dust, trims, and liquids.



Recovery of oil and emulsions during the production of pantyhose 

Nilfisk Model VHO200 is the right choice for the production of pantyhose if there are liquids to collect. 

Compact but powerful, it can recover up to 75 litres of liquid. If mor​e power or capacity is needed, model ECO-OIL 22 is the preferred vacuum for this application.​