Cleaning activity in transport production is highly diverse. 

Production environments mainly need cleaning and maintenance of CNC machines (see metalworking section). In assembly departments, it is necessary to keep the floor constantly clean to ensure maximum operator safety. For the maintenance of vehicles, from cars to ships, cleaning is the central activity.

Nilfisk is your partner in every phase of cleaning for transport production.​



​Production and assembly applications



Benefits & Advantages

  • Safe working environment
  • Cost saving
  • Time saving
  • Healthy work environment

Vacuuming graphite or resin powder

Nilfisk has dedicated solutions for plants producing refractory materials, in particular moulds containing graphite. Industrial vacuums continuously vacuum the high quantity of powders and waste material produced inside the milling cutters. Using a Nilfisk industrial vacuum guarantees high product quality, since products are not contaminated by production waste. Nilfisk cleaning also ensures perfect maintenance of the milling cutter and a healthy, dust-free environment.





Vacuuming plastic, magnesium, aluminum, lithium and sodium powders

Incendiary materials like plastic, magnesium, aluminum, lithium and sodium represent a danger as they can burn or explode if ignited. Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Solutions provide both electric and compressed-air vacuums which are ATEX certified, able to operate in the presence of these materials without sparks. The vacuums can be used in ATEX zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

Cleaning transport production area floors

The floor of vehicle production areas require constant cleaning. Oil and thinners on the floor must be removed before they can cause accidents; dusty soil can be moved around by the ventilation systems and makes the environment dangerous. Nilfisk scrubber dryers are popular because they are fast and effective in making the environment safer and cleaner.




Collect dust in laser cutting

Laster cutting operations generate a fine dust that is fume-like and  dangerous for workers. On small and medium laser machines, the Nilfisk white line works continuously. Its small footprint will allow it to be easily integrated into the machine. The vacuums can be equipped with an optional active downstream carbon filter that will eliminate any odors generated by this operation. Centralized de-dusting systems can also be used on larger laser cutting machines

Aircraft and ship maintenance ​

Suction of paint powder 

A necessary part of ordinary and extraordinary aircraft and ship maintenance is the removal of the paint from the walls of the vessel. In order to ensure maximum operational efficiency and good maintenance, the paint dust has to be collected at the source for two main reasons:

  • the paint dust is toxic and could damage the human operator 
  • large quantities of paint dust could easily create malfunctions in other navigation systems

That's why Nilfisk ATEX certified vacuum cleaners are used by major aeronautics and ship manufacturers around the world.