One of the biggest problems in metal production is keeping the environment and machinery clean. Nilfisk co-operates daily with mechanical companies around the world to provide highly reliable professional solutions.

Discover a solution that can immediately improve your daily operations.

Benefits & Advantages

  • No machinery downtime
  • Better product quality
  • More safety
  • Healthier working environment
  • More productivity

Machine tool cleaning

Vacuuming shavings and oil

The industrial vacuum cleaner is the most appropriate tool for removing metal shavings from machine tools after each work cycle. Doing so keeps machinery in perfect condition, reduces downtime and guarantees maximum product quality.





Separating shavings from oil

The industrial vacuum cleaners in our OIL series can vacuum up cutting oil and emulsion along with shavings. The solid and liquid components are separated via “macro-filtration”, allowing the emulsion to be reused. Regular use of vacuums from the OIL series helps maintain the machine tools and saves money.

Vacuuming liquids

Every mechanical production company needs to constantly vacuum up oil, emulsions, chemical solutions and water. Vacuuming of liquids represents a saving if the emulsion is to be filtered and reused, but also because the time dedicated to cleaning and maintaining the machinery and the surrounding areas is reduced. For such operations, Nilfisk has produced model VHO 200 which allows liquid to be expelled at pressure, facilitating storage of liquids in drums or sits disposal in the appropriate manner. VHO 200 also performs suction and microfiltration of solids and liquids.





Suction of brass and precious metals shavings

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Solutions offers the ideal solution for vacuuming precious metals in order to recover every single shaving or speck of metal while it is being machined. Companies using Nilfisk vacuums are able to recover every single particle of metal thanks to dedicated filters. The investment in the vacuum is quickly recovered.

Vacuuming grinding sludge

Vacuuming grinding sludge is quick and easy with Nilfisk. The powerful vacuum suction offered by the three-phase models allows vacuuming of the heaviest sludge; the tubes used have no resistance, allowing all the suction power to be used. By using the specific sludge filter kit you can easily separatevacuumed sludge from the liquids. Filtration grade of 50/100 or 300 micron (for the OIL series).​





Floor cleaning for heavy duty applications

Soils ranging from ordinary dust and dirt to oil and debris are commonplace on factory floors, requiring an industrial-strength floor cleaning solution. Nilfisk’s rugged floor cleaning equipment tackles these challenges with ease, cleaning thoroughly. The machines are easy to maintain and increase productivity. Get a clean and safe floor and save time and effort.