In the incinerator working areas, volatile dust is a danger to operators’ health. The use of centralized vacuum systems and high power vacuums to collect materials - along with the use of sweeper and scrubber dryers to maintain a dust free environment -can make for a safer incinerator zone. Just ask us.




Ash recovery from incinerators indoor wor
king areas


Benefits & Advantages

  • Increases safety and health
  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Recovers tons of material
  • Reduces costs​​​
Centralized vacuum systems to recover ash anyplace in the working area 

The fixed cleaning system collects materials from many inlets simultaneously. Wide areas, such as incinerator working sites, can be efficiently cleaned. Vacuumed materials are collected in one single container, placed either inside or outside the factory, making it easier for operators to provide for their dispo¬sal or recycling.  
For incinerators, Nilfisk recommends the use of two units: a pre-separator available with various discharge options where the most of the collected material deposits, plus a suction unit reached by the lightest dusts only. The suction of dross and ashes especially near ovens and the dust pulling down zones is of fundamental importance: the benefits of a correct cleaning are in fact clear. They  improve the quality of the working environment for operators and increase productivity and savings.



Collecting huge amounts of material

Even when the material to be recovered is heavy or comes in very large quantities, Nilfisk is up for the job.  Our high power vacuums are able to suck any type of material, even with a huge specific weight. The high -power vacuum can also be used as suction unit for a plant and arranged in the work areas.

The use of such powerful vacuum cleaners offers immediate benefits  in terms of saving in time and money and in improving environmental quality.



Sweeping the dust

At the end of a working cycle, the use of a sweeper to recover the dangerous dust that has settled on the ground is recommended. This helps maintain the normal level of dust in the atmosphere and makes the environment more tidy and productive..

For finishing off cleaning, industrial scrubbers to remove all traces of dust from the ground are also recommended.

You can also use combined machines that allow you to sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass.​