Whether you are making pasta, bread, biscuits, or confectionery, you have three basic needs: keeping the oven perfectly clean, assuring total hygiene in the production environment, and maintaining the full performance of your plants.​
Hear more about the products and solutions we recommend to make your bakery production run more smoothly.



Cleaning the oven



Benefits & Advantages

  • Better product quality
  • Less build-up of dust that can cause fires and explosions
  • Healthier and cleaner working environment

Cleaning inside ovens

Keeping the inside of your ovens free of burnt crumbs, flour or any other production waste helps avoid contamination of the product. Nilfisk recommends using industrial vacuums equipped with our Nomex filter, which is self-extinguishing. You can also customize your vacuum cleaner with a wide range of optional accessories specifically designed to recover hot materials.




Cleaning the bakery laboratory

Your food production site may need to be classified as an explosion-proof environment.
Using ATEX, Hazloc, or IeCex Nilfisk certified industrial vacuums will increase safety and product quality.

Production line cleaning


Benefits & Advantages

  • Maximum hygiene over the full production line
  • No machinery downtime
  • Safe and clean floor
  • High-quality product





Constant vacuuming

Burnt crumbs, flour or other production waste can contaminate your product. Using an industrial vacuum allows you to continuously collect production waste. For large production lines, a centralized vacuum system might be the right solution.

Line cleaning

Daily cleaning of production lines saves time and money. Industrial vacuum cleaners and hot or cold water high pressure washers can make a difference. They  eradicate bacteria and germs, but also save money on extraordinary plant cleaning and prevent damage due to machinery downtime.



Cleaning manufacturing environments




Benefits & Advantages

• A safer working place
• No product contamination
• Increased productivity

Floor cleaning

A wide range of scrubbers and dryers for any kind of floor and for each surface extension. Nilfisk products are designed to maintain a high level of hygiene and quickly eliminate dirt, increasing safety at work. With Nilfisk, daily cleaning can create a more pleasant work environment.





Overhead cleaning

Dust and particles that accumulate on the ceiling beams of industrial plants often cause problems. When the dust falls from suspended pipes and beams onto the production lines and machinery, this can cause technical malfunctions and contaminate the product.

Large area cleaning

Cleaning of large areas with a large amount of debris takes a long time with traditional tools.
Using Nilfisk combination machines, you can immediately reduce cleaning time and resources devoted to it. You’ll increase productivity and safety in your production facility.




Vacuuming trims from packaging machines


Benefits & Advantages

• No machinery downtime
• Avoid product contamination
• Increase efficiency in packaging operations

Collecting scraps and trims

During the packaging process, the cutting machine produces waste, scraps and trims. Nilfisk ”R” series industrial vacuums are specifically designed to continuously collect  trims while preserving the product.