Benefits & Advantages

  • ​Assure product quality
  • Avoid downtime machine
  • Save money 

Continuous recovery of fine dust ​​

Collecting dust from PCBs

The manufacturing of PCBs, including drilling and sanding, generates a very fine resin dust that has to be continuously captured.

The ideal vacuum will run 24 hours a day and be linked to the production machine that manufactures PCBs. 

PCBs are often made of resin that is automatically drilled, ground or sanded. These operations generate very fine dust that  must  be captured at the source through several suction points. Nilfisk’s compact CTS range offers power, reliability (with the

lateral channel turbine technology), and a low noise level, which is a key point in this environment. The dust is collected

inside a paper bag for safe and easy emptying of the collection container.​