In chemical manufacturing, explosive atmospheres that contain flammable gases, mists, vapors, or combustible dust are common. A sufficient concentration of these substances, mixed with air and an ignition source can cause an explosion. Nilfisk ATEX-certified industrial vacuum cleaners are highly valued by companies dealing with this type of hazard.
They can be an important part of compliance with EEC Directive 89/391 (1989) on the implementation of measures to improve health and safety at work and they reduce the risk of explosions.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Total safety
  • Top efficiency

Collecting explosive dust

ATEX-certified machines for explosive dust
Nilfisk produces a wide range of ATEX-certified industrial vacuum cleaners, high-powered vacuum cleaners, pneumatic conveyors and
centralized vacuum systems designed to meet the strictest safety standards.
.In the presence of gas, Nilfisk ATEX-certified vacuum cleaners trap dangerous dust and expel the gas from the outlet. (The user should consider whether it is appropriate to install ducts to pipe gas from the outlet out of the environment.)