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Benefits & Advantages

  • Ensure product quality
  • Get a cleaner company
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save time for the cleaning
  • Increase safety

​Continuous recovery of sawdust during the working cycle 

Continuous recovery of sawdust from the cutting and sander machines

You can integrate Nilfisk industrial vacuums to the cutting and sander machines, in order to have a continuous recovery of sawdust and shavings. In this way, you will not gather large quantities of waste on the cutting machine allowing to save time for the cleaning at the end of the working cycle; moreover constant vacuuming on the sander machine is very important, in order to have the wood parts perfectly clean and ready for the painting phase. 

The ATEX explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners increase the safety, in case of potentially explosive zones.


Cleaning of the production areas

Waste, wood shavings and powder will be perfectly swept away by using Nilfisk sweeper. From compact walk-behinds to large, heavy duty ride-on models that sweep up to 16,000 m² per hour. An incredible save of time!​