Top safety and automation in product processing ​

Automatic machines require a constant vacuum to avoid contamination of the product from residual waste. Powerful and silent, Nilfisk industrial vacuums can be integrated into process machines. Fixed or mobile, and conforming to GMPs, they have a smooth design without angles or stagnant pockets to avoid any dust residuals. You can choose between different filtration systems, including layer star-shaped filters, HEPA/ULPA absolute filters, or absolute filters with Bag-In Bag-Out system. 




Benefits & Advantages

  • Top product quality: Nilfisk industrial vacuums remove dust from the environment and from the equipment, avoiding product contamination 
  • No machinery downtimes: collecting continuously dust and waste increases the productivity and avoids lost time for cleaning the plants and the machinery 
  • Health assured: thanks to the total filtration, the working environment is dust-free, the air is clean and healthy
  • Total safety: the ATEX industrial vacuums can be used in explosion-proof areas because they prevent the trigger of potentially explosive mixtures