Accessories and optionals for industrial vacuum solutions

A wide range of accessories and optionals to complete your industrial vacuum

Nilfisk provides different accessories according to the different applications. Here is just a selection of the most common accessories kits, designed to meet different needs.

  • General cleaning kit (ø 40 and 50 mm): suitable for light applications, it is extremely versatile.
  • Industrial cleaning kit (ø 40, 50 and 70 mm): ideal for cleaning spacious areas, this kit allows a fast and effective cleaning. 
  • Cleaning machinery kit (ø 40, 50 and 70 mm): ideal for cleaning dust and residues from machinery used during the production process.
  • Floors and machinery oilproof kit (ø 40, 50 and 70 mm): ideal for treating all surfaces where oils have to be collected.
  • ATEX kit (ø 40 and 50 mm): optimal solution when conductivity is a must. Available in three different versions, these sets consist of conductive or antistatic elements.
  • Ovens kit (ø 40 and 50 mm): specific set of accessories designed for cleaning inside ovens, it is very practical and effective also thanks to the reduced weight.
  • Accessories kit for cleanrooms (ø 32 mm): specific set of accessories for cleanrooms, available in three versions: standard,antistatic or autoclave that is ideal for applications where the accessories have to be sterilized. The metal accessories are in AISI316 stainless steel. To be used with model IVT1000.


You can also select the single components, such as hoses, brushes, handgrips, reductions, sleeves...DOWNLOAD the catalogue for a complete overview.​




You can expand the potential of your vacuum cleaner and use it for various jobs to meet specific requirements only mounting an optional. The wide variety of optionals allows the best results to be obtained in every operational context, with immediate advantages and benefits in terms of savings in time and resources. You can choose systems to separate liquids from solids, as well as automatic stops, or different types of filters, or many other options that will allow you to upgrade the vacuum cleaner according to your needs.

Today, turning advantages into benefits is just a step away!​​