GD930 commercial vac

GD 930 ​- 40 years of p​erfection​

With the GD 930Q we have especially focused on improving sound and hereby productivity. With this quiet machine, daytime cleaning is actually an option.

The dual speed makes it possible to clean without disturbing surrounding environment. You can clean amongst guests in the lobby, Or in front of rooms without waking the guests or in any other open space.​


Noise in your daily life

Ease of use

  • Hose lengths of 2,5m or 4m
  • Different nozzle attachments including nozzles for hardwoods, carpets, furniture and scrath sensitive surfaces
  • HEPA filter for the best filtration
  • Reusable cloth bags​


  • Outstanding durability with sturdy steel container
  • High quality components
  • Excellent sound level
  • High filling capacity of 15 litre
  • HEPA filter



GD 930 brochure

GD930 commercial vac

Nilfisk GD 930 is our most popular commercial vac worldwide – and with good reason!
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