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Introducing the new Multi II Wet Dry Vacuum Series

Engineered and developed in Denmark, the Gerni Multi II Wet Dry Vacuum is a trade quality machine, ideal for heavier DIY duties around the home.

Clean up dirt & debris, soak up water and spills, blow up an air mattress or inflatable pool and even connect power tools to clean up while you work!

With its filter cleaning indicator, the Gerni Multi II lets you know when the filter requires to be cleaned or replaced. It also offers a Push&Clean function which is a semi-automatic method of cleaning the filter. This creates an airwave that hits the filter from inside out, which clears built up dust and dirt from around the filter – saving you time, while you work.

The Gerni Multi II Wet Dry Series, is the only machine to include a in-built filter guard – protecting the filter from sharp or damaging debris and ensuring longer premium performance.

The combination of the filter cleaning indicator, Push&Clean function and filter guard makes this machine truly unique. Together these features ensure you are getting consistent and optimum performance from your Gerni Multi II Wet Dry Vacuum. 

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The right high pressure washer

The full and comprehensive range of Gerni high pressure washers means that you’ll always be able to find the right product for your needs.

  • ‘Classic’ and ‘Super’ models
  • Pressure ranges from 100 – 145 bar
  • With or without PowerGrip 

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Love even more of your stuff again!

With our extensive range of high-pressure washer accessories, you’ll be amazed by all the new things you can clean. From nozzles and brushes to dedicated patio or roof cleaning attachments – each designed to make any cleaning task quick and easy.

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