Green care contractors​

Customers set standards for green care level and time frames for when the work must be done. As a green care contractor you depend on reliable machines with no downtime. 

The Outdoor Rangers are reliable machines with high running time and all attachments for the Outdoor Rangers ensure high performance in every multipurpose task. 

The City Ranger 2250 and Park Ranger 2150 are narrow and maneuverable machines which makes the machine turn on a plate, get around trees and under bushes as well as into narrow spaces, makes it a solid partner for a green care contractor. 

  • City Ranger 2250 riding lawn mower
  • Park Ranger 2150 riding lawn mower




Snow removal when the lawns are not growing

As a green care contractor you might find it interesting to expand you outdoor activities to the winter season with a minor machine investment. 

This is why the Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers have been designed with the quickest shift of attachments and in addition a full range of dedicated winter attachments. They give you the opportunity to use the same machine for green care during the summer season and for winter maintenance during the cold months. The flexibility to expand activities makes the Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers a solid investment.

  • City Ranger 2250 snow removal
  • Park Ranger 2150 snow removal