Cleaning streets, sidewalks, squares…

The streets must be clean, but pedestrians are also very sensible to that, sidewalks, squares, pedestrian streets, in the town center are kept clean. The Nilfisk Rangers deliver perfect cleaning results. 

Town centres, streets, paths and pavements are left sparkling clean when the Rangers have performed their task. The high maneuverability and compact size of the machines allows the operator to even sweep easily around pylons, street furniture and in narrow areas. 

The Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers make it easy and effective for local authorities to keep their towns and cities presentable every day.​



Icy and slippery pavements represents a risk to the pedestrians

When winter arrives there is no need to worry, the Nilfisk Rangers handle winter maintenance efficiently. The exceptional articulated steering and compact size makes the Rangers perfect for snow removal and gritting on paths, pavements to ensure pedestrian safety in city centres. Quick reactions are often needed in winter because snow and ice can suddenly arrive. The Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers have been designed with a quick shift of attachments so that they are always ready to be set in operation when required. High performance, optimum operator comfort and visibility from the warm cabin ensure perfect results.