Cleanliness level and reliability

Customers set standards for cleanliness levels and time frames for when the work must be done. As a service contractor you depend on reliable machines with no downtime. The Outdoor Rangers are reliable machines with high running time and all attachments for the Outdoor Rangers ensure high performance in every multipurpose task. Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers are narrow and maneuverable machines, and is thus able to clean even awkward corners effectively. Easy to deliver a perfect cleanliness level with such a machine.

Cleaning Streets, Car parks, Town centres, Pavements, Bicycle lanes and Shopping malls

So versatile is the everyday for a cleaning contractor. Of course the outdoor machines need to correspond to these needs. Innovation is a key priority for cleaning contractors to be able to serve all the needs of the customers.

The Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers have been designed to be your dedicated partner in all these Outdoor assignments. "Impressive" is a common phrase in our customers vocabulary. ​