Amusement parks show their best side with a Nilfisk Ranger

The cleanliness of the park is of greatest importance for the quests. Litter on the pathways between the attractions is not accepted and the green areas need to be beautifully maintained. Ongoing cleaning is necessary to keep the park attractive all the days during summer. With a Nilfisk Outdoor Ranger it is easy to keep the park welcoming. The suction sweeper keeps the park clean and the green care attachments maintain the green areas professionally.

Suction sweeping between the park attractions 

Maneuverability, flexibility are the key words in keeping the amusement park clean. The compact design and the articulated steering of the Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers are the solution. They remove litter and dirt around the attractions, working on the narrowest paths. The wander hose is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as behind benches around waste bins, on stairs. The third side brush is ideal for sweeping right up to buildings and under benches. No area is neglected and all the work is done effectively.

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