It is important that streets, bicycle lanes and car parks are kept clean for the wellbeing of the public. The Nilfisk Rangers are a proven all year round solution for keeping outdoor areas clean due to the capabilities of their attachments.  There are many different assignments that Municipalities have to carry out to keep the streets clean in the city. 

From suction sweeping to remove dirt and waste, street washing to scrub paths clean, weed control to assure a longer lifetime for paving and winter maintenance for the safety of the public. The City Ranger 3500 can carry out all of these tasks with impressive results.  ​



Icy and slippery streets requires quick reaction

Snow and freezing rain can arrive suddenly in winter and quick reactions are often needed for public safety. It is hard work to remove the many kilometres snow on streets, bicycle lanes, car parks and pavements. 

This is why the City Ranger 3500 has been constructed for high performance and a quick shift of attachments so that the same machine you use for street cleaning most of the year has a full range of quality winter attachments to ensure safety in the streets in winter.