The green areas of the city give fresh air to the residents

The gardens and parks in the cities are a big part of the community and it is import that these areas are well maintained for general public. The Nilfisk Rangers are ready to solve all your versatile green care assignments. For optimizing productivity costs and results our Outdoor Rangers are designed with a full range of professional green care attachments to meet the many maintenance tasks required for the upkeep of green areas: lawn mowing, edge cutting, hedge trimming, verticutting, leaf collecting etc.  



Icy and slippery paths represents a risk to the pedestrians

When winter arrives there is no need to worry, the same Nilfisk Ranger you used for green care can also handle your winter maintenance. The exceptional articulated flexibility and compact size makes the Rangers perfect for snow removal and gritting on paths, pavements and other narrow spaces to ensure pedestrian safety in these areas. This means the public can safely enjoy parks and greens areas during winter.