15ATEX Z22 M
15ATEX Z22 M SBS (discontinued) 4010100042
15ATEX Z22 M XX (discontinued) 4010100043
15ATEX Z22 M XXX (discontinued) 4010100044
15ATEX Z22 M AU XXX SBS (discontinued) 4010100045
15ATEX Z22 M AU XXX (discontinued) 4010100047
15ATEX Z22 M AU XX (discontinued) 4010100048
15ATEX Z22 M AU SBS (discontinued) 4010100049
15ATEX Z22 M AU (discontinued) 4010100050
15ATEX Z22 M AU PBS (discontinued) 4010100052
15ATEX Z22 M AU DBS (discontinued) 4010100055
15ATEX Z22 M AU XX SBS (discontinued) 4010100058
15ATEX Z22 M PBS (discontinued) 4010100061
NILFISK IVB 7-M B1 230/1/50 EU


When a singlephase is ATEX certified

15ATEX Z22 M
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This product is no longer for sale
Product no 4010100046
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Industrial vacuum cleaners

Nilfisk industrial vacuums are the optimal solution for maintenance, cleaning and production automation, and are helpful for cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous dust and fumes. Industrial vacums are also useful in places where no dust emissions are allowed, such as areas with dust-sensitive machinery, laboratories and clean room facilities.