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Nilfisk Robotic
Scrubber Dryers

Meet Nilfisk Liberty autonomous scrubber drier.
After years of development, testing, refining, live beta testing and more refining, it’s ready for the
biggest and toughest jobs you can throw at it. In airports, schools, gymnasiums, ballrooms, and
more, Nilfisk Liberty will get the dirtiest floors clean, any time of day, with no one watching over it.

Nilfisk Robotic
Scrubber Dryers

Liberty SC50 and Liberty SC60

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Introducing the Liberty SC50 and Liberty SC60 autonomous scrubber dryers

Designed with some of the world’s foremost developers of autonomous technology, they help your cleaning staff accomplish more by handling the most time-consuming tasks with less effort and more impact. From high-traffic warehouses and airports, to schools and supermarkets, the Liberty SC50 and SC60 (launching 2021) make it easy to keep floors clean and safe at any time of day, all on their own.

Intuitive programming, easy operation, and trackable performance data define the Liberty portfolio, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with your cleaning team and improve productivity with minimal oversight. All that brainpower is supported by the same trusted, industry-leading Nilfisk cleaning technology you’d find in one of our manual solutions.

So, if you’re ready to establish a more intelligent cleaning standard, choose Nilfisk as your cleaning partner.

See the SC50 in action

Experience the Liberty SC50 in everyday environments


Hazard-free floorcare in the world's busiest indoor spaces

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autonomous cleaning in schools

Cleaner, healthier learning environments with less operator effort

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Satisfying precise standards with even more precise results

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Achieve a deeper level of clean with the Liberty SC50 UVGI

Backed by decades of supporting studies, UV-C technology is a powerful solution that damages the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens – preventing them from multiplying and causing diseases.

A Liberty SC50 robotic floor scrubber equipped with the UVGI module can remove dirt and debris while simultaneously disinfecting surfaces using UV-C light. This combination of solutions is ideal for indoor spaces where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as hospitals, supermarkets, airports and schools. For more information click here to view our UVGI flyer.

The UVGI module is ready for integration with your current Liberty SC50, or as part of a new installation at your facility!


More than just a machine

On top of best-in-class cleaning quality and technology, the SC50 is equipped with an extensive and integrated service offering. A full-scope service package ensures your fleet keeps performing and gives you access to a specialised service team.

24/7 access to equipment support, use and care techniques as well as product information through a designated online portal will contribute to you and your team’s success integrating the SC50 in your cleaning routines.


Never miss a spot


Clean consistently every time

The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 and SC60* are both precise, meticulous, and easy to use. They get into nooks and crannies you might otherwise miss, and they do it every single time.

Operators – and most autonomous cleaning machines – typically miss 15% of a space, but the Liberty SC50 and SC60* don't. Their unique technology lets you map out routes that deliver 98% to 99.5% coverage, and you can do it without help from us or anyone else. And as soon as your Nilfisk Liberty robotic scrubber dryer has cleaned an area once, it can retrace the same precise path again, and again, and again.

* Launching 2021


Clean more, faster

How much more could you get done if your scrubber dryer could guide itself?

The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 and SC60* free up your staff for more important jobs that call for a human touch, while they clean autonomously for hours on a single charge. They automatically map out the most efficient cleaning paths, retracing them every time. You can clean more space, in less time, at a lower cost - every single day. And you’ll get a text when it’s time for your Liberty machine to move on to the next task, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary downtime, either.

* Launching 2021

Liberty (1)

“We can confidently forget about the machine and carry on with other tasks.”

Henrika Puksmiene, Operational Contract Manager, TORP Sandefjord Airport

TORP Sandefjord Airport, located south of Oslo, Norway, is a bustling regional airport that welcomes around 150,000 passengers every month during high-traffic periods. Today, the Liberty SC50 cleans 70-75% of TORP Sandefjord Airport’s public floor space, including the check-in and arrival areas.


Quick learners that are ready for anything

When the Liberty SC50 and Liberty SC60* need to learn new tricks, you can teach them yourself.

You’ll never have to request a service visit just so you can clean new spaces, or because workplace layouts change – whether it's for a while, or for good. Just hop on your Nilfisk Liberty robotic scrubber dryer, push the button to activate a mapping mode, and you’ll soon be ready to handle a new cleaning objective.

* Launching 2021


Book your demo today

How does the process work?

Once you request a demo of the Liberty SC50, an Intelligent Cleaning expert will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting.

  • STEP 1: Understanding your need. On the call, we will ask questions to help us understand your current cleaning operation, process, and ideal fit for autonomous cleaning.

  • STEP 2: Scheduling the visit. We will pick an on-site location and reserve a 2-hour time slot that works best for your team.

  • STEP 3: Seeing the solution in action! Our team will bring the Liberty SC50 to your site for a live demonstration.

Download the new eBook

Is an autonomous solution right for you? Our new eBook outlines the process of determining how ready your business is, including productivity projections, TCO, and ROI calculation.

Fill out the form below to get your guide on investing in success with intelligent cleaning.

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Certified for safety

The Liberty SC50 is the only robotic scrubber dryer to be independently certified according to North American and EU safety standards.

It has been carefully and thoroughly tested to ensure it avoids contact with anything – and anybody – that shows up in a cleaning path. It features separate sensor systems that can override its autonomous functions, immediately ceasing all movement if an obstacle is detected ahead and don't worry about challenges like loading docks, stairs, or escalators - the sensors spot those, too.

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Meet the new Liberty SC60

Be the first to access information about the new Liberty SC60

The Liberty SC60 will be launching in 2021. Built on Brain Corp’s powerful Brain OS – the world’s most widely-used autonomous operating system – the high-performance Liberty SC60 also boasts the market’s largest autonomous ride-on, has exemplary runtime, and minimal downtime requirements.

Its significant cleaning capability makes it ideal for maximising floorcare quality and efficiency across the world’s largest indoor spaces. And, because Liberty integrates with best-in-class technology providers to develop its robotic solutions, the Brain OS-powered SC60 means operators can adapt the machine to any layout, in any environment, in a single run.

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Attend our on-demand virtual launch event

Virtual Launch Event: Accelerating Your Autonomous Journey with Nilfisk

On September 15, we launched our newest autonomous robotic solution to revolutionise the cleaning industry. You can access the on-demand event through the link below.

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