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Nilfisk pressure washers adapt to all cleaning tasks. Whether you want to jet wash your car, patio or garden furniture, choose from a range of products to suit you.

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We have a range of high-pressure washers to suit all of your stuff however big, small or dirty it is. See which one’s right for you.

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Core & Compact

Core 150 Powercontrol

The powerful high-pressure washer with powercontrol for allround use
Core 125
CORE 125

Powerful and nimble high-pressure washer ideal for basic cleaning tasks
Core 130 Powercontrol

Expertly efficient high-pressure washer with added powercontrol
Core 140 Powercontrol

Practical and powerful high-pressure washer for all-round use
Core 140 In-Hand Powercontrol

High-pressure washer with flexibility and added in-hand power control
C 100.7
C 100.7

Our lightest high-pressure washer perfect for mild outdoor cleaning
C 105.7
C 105.7

Easy-to-use high-pressure washer for an efficient and effective clean
C 110.7/ C 110.7 X-TRA
C 110.7/ C 110.7 X-TRA

Compact high-pressure washer that combines convenience and power
C 120.7
C 120.7

Efficient high-pressure washer ideal for occasional outdoor cleaning
C 125.7 X-TRA
C 125.7 X-TRA

The compact high-pressure washer that packs a powerful punch

Excellent & Dynamic

D 140.4 X-TRA
D 140.4 X-TRA

Powerful all-round high pressure cleaner, telescopic handle and hose reel making it the most user-friendly
D-PG 140.4 X-TRA
D-PG 140.4 X-TRA

The powerful, sturdy high-pressure washer for frequent or larger cleaning tasks. With PowerGrip™ control for in-hand pressure control
E 145.4
E 145.4

Long-life low-noise high-pressure washer perfect for larger cleans
E 150.2
E 150.2

Powerful high-pressure washer with long hose for larger cleans
Excellent 160

Durable, low-noise high pressure washer, perfect for powerful cleaning tasks and frequent use
Excellent 170

Durable, low-noise high pressure washer, perfect for powerful cleaning tasks and frequent use
Excellent 180 Smart Assistant High Pressure Washer Nilfisk

Powerful, low-noise high pressure washer, perfect for tough cleaning tasks and frequent use


Premium 180

Best in class high-pressure washer for a truly thorough clean
Premium 190

First-class washer for a first-class efficient and effective clean
Premium 200

Our largest high-pressure washer offering a professional-style clean


Active Stone Cleaner

Remove any unwanted dirt and lichens from exterior pavers
Bike & Motorcycle Cleaner

Work wonders on your bike or motorcycle
Boat Cleaner

Clean boats and caravans quickly and effectively
Car Combi Cleaner

Water-based detergent promising 'Wax & Shine' effect for vehicles
Car shampoo

Detergent guaranteeing 'Wax & Shine' effect for vehicles
Deep clean

Effectively dissolves oil, insects and road dirt
Grill & Metal Cleaner

Very efficient on dirt, oil and grease
Magic wax

Hydrophobic treatment of your car for protection and shine
Rattan & Plastic Cleaner

Deliver a truly thorough clean of your rattan and plastic surfaces
SDM kit

3 detergents for a 3-step car wash: prewash, clean and wax

Loosens and lifts off heavy dirt, perfect for cleaning cars
Stain remover

Water-based solvent for the removal of tar and asphalt spots
Stone & Wood Cleaner

Perfect for removing dirt from stone, masonry and wood
Stone Sealer

Remove any unwanted dirt and lichens from exterior pavers
Wheel Cleaner

Colour-changing wheel cleaner

Explore our accessories

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Accesssories for high pressure washers
Cleaning patio with high pressure washer and patio cleaner accessory
Power patio

Enjoy your terrace or patio again! Make driveways and walkways look great. Use the Nilfisk Power Patio Cleaner to clean larger outdoor surfaces. It’s fast, it’s efficient; and if you need to work on soft surfaces you can easily adapt the pressure to avoid any damage to the material.

Power patio offers:

  • Large spray area for faster and uniform cleaning
  • Pressure regulation to protect the surface if needed
  • A cover that keeps dirt and splashes on the ground – when compared to general nozzles​
Detergent in Foam Sprayer
Super Foam Sprayer

The Nilfisk Super Foam Sprayer quickly and efficiently covers surfaces with a rich foam that stays on longer and reduces the need to re-foam. It saves up to 30% detergent compared to our existing foam sprayer and includes easy access to the filter for the removal of blockages.

Super foam sprayer offers:

  • Fast coverage
  • Foam stays on for longer time
  • Adjustable dosing
  • Works with Nilfisk detergents
Cleaning with the Multi Brush Accessory
Multi Brush Garden Furniture brush

Have you ever struggled with tough dirt and stubborn algae? Whether you are preparing furniture or surfaces for oil or paint treatment or just cleaning tough dirt, the Nilfisk Multibrush mounted with Garden Furniture Brush will make your job easier and deliver great results. The Nilfisk Multibrush offers a detergent tank with adjustable dosing and can be used with dedicated stone and wood cleaner.

Multi Brush Garden Furniture brush offers:

  • A sensible sized brush that covers large surfaces but also lets you get in to hard to reach places.
  • A harder, rotating brush that scrubs the tough dirt off.
  • Adjustable dosing of detergent gives you the option to dissolve the dirt with soap for quicker cleaning; and if not needed, saving the detergent.​
Cleaning with the Multi Brush Accessory
Multi Brush with Car Cleaner brush

Make your car shine again and protect its enamel – at the same time. The Nilfisk Multibrush mounted with a soft brush makes it easy to thoroughly clean your car. The Nilfisk Multibrush offers a detergent tank with adjustable dosing. Used with the Nilfisk Car Cleaner and wax the result is a stunningly clean car!

Multi Brush with Car Cleaner brush offers:

  • A sensible sized brush that covers large surfaces but also lets you get in to those hard to reach places.
  • A rotating brush offering more contact with the surface – releasing dirt faster
  • Adjustable dosing of detergent gives you the option to dissolve the dirt with soap for quicker cleaning; and if not needed, saving the detergent.
Cleaning with the Multi Brush Accessory
Multi Brush with Wheel and Rim Cleaner

Fight dust and dirt easily. Get rid of the tough dirt on your wheels and rims with the Multibrush with Wheel Rim Brush. If the dirt is particular sticky or stubborn add detergent and the results will shine.

Multi Brush with Wheel and Rim Cleaner offers:

  • A dedicated soft rim brush shape getting in and around difficult obstacles
  • The rim brush rotates thus providing contact with more brushes for faster cleaning
  • Using the Multibrush to apply detergent while the rim brush is scrubbing offers a highly efficient way of dissolving and removing dirt
Cleaning car with high pressure washer and rotary brush accessory
Rotary Brush

The Rotary Brush has a rotating head that is powered by the water pressure and an adjustable neck that allows easier access to tight areas making it more efficient and able to provide a deep clean to a number of applications. Use it for your camper van or garden furniture for a better and faster result.

Rotary Brush offers:

  • Rotating brush for faster, in-depth cleaning
  • Soft bristles for delicate surfaces
  • 2 in 1: rinse and scrubbing
Cleaning roof with high pressure washer and roof cleaner accessory
Roof Cleaner

Are you tired of moss growing on your roof? Protect your roof from unwanted vegetation and let your house return to its original beauty. The Nilfisk Roof Cleaner provides the option of applying roof cleaner detergent. Apply the dedicated roof cleaner detergent and let it dry. Within just a few weeks, the moss will disappear. After this, the rain, wind and the sun will dissolve the material.

Roof Cleaner​ offers:

  • An extractable pole with a soft and gentle nozzle for distribution of detergent on roofs.
  • It is very easy to use with one-storey homes, while two-storey homes may need safety preparation
  • A hose and extraction system to pick up detergent directly from the container for convenient usage
  • An adjustable dosing system for intelligent application of soaps and detergents.
Drain And Tube
Drain & Tube Cleaner

Clean your blocked pipes, drains and rain gutters easily and quickly. Just connect the Drain and Tube Cleaner to your high-pressure washer and start cleaning – it couldn’t be more simple. It can even shift excess mortar from your drain.

Drain & Tube Cleaner​ offers:

  • Self-propelling action
  • Can remove sizable debris from the drain
  • Available in different lengths for different pipe sizes
Cleaning grill with high pressure washer
Power Nozzle

Some cleaning tasks are just plain demanding. The Nilfisk Powerspeed Nozzle gives you get a tool that’s really capable of taking care of tough and ingrained dirt.

Power Nozzle offers:

  • Lets you get the job done faster
  • Up to 50% more efficiency in removing dirt
  • A durable and long-lasting high-performance nozzle
Cleaning lawn mower with high pressure washer
Multi Angle Adapter

Get the most out of your high pressure cleaner with the Multi Angle Adapter. Fully adjustable to give you total control over your spray. The Multi Angle Adapter can be adjusted to different angles depending on your need, allowing you to better control the spray, clean more effectively and avoid splashing on surroundings.

Multi Angle Adapter offers:

  • Adjustable angle (0 – 90 degrees) for flexible usage
  • Opens up new cleaning possibilities as you can use the high pressure washer for more cleaning tasks
  • Less unintentional splashing and cleaning up afterwards
Cleaning wooden furniture with high pressure washer and the short brush accessory
Short Fixed Brush

Have you ever had difficulties cleaning in confined spaces? With the Nilfisk Short Fixed Brush you get the perfect tool for gentle cleaning of hard to reach areas. Perfect for delicate surfaces or surfaces where you don’t need the full force of a high pressure cleaner.

Short Fixed Brush offers:

  • Long, soft brushes for gentle cleaning
  • Distribution of water across the brush for more efficient cleaning
  • Pointed shape to let you clean easier inside confined spaces
Waterintlet on high pressure washer
Water Inlet Suction Hose

It is important to protect and preserve our natural resources. While high pressure cleaners consume less water due to their efficiency, the Nilfisk Inlet Suction Hose lets you tap into natural and free water sources. The water inlet hose connects the high pressure cleaner with any water source you have, including: rain water collection tanks or wells.

Water Inlet Suction Hose offers:

  • Ease and simple to use connection between water sources and the high pressure cleaner
  • A rough filter to separate larger particles from the water to prevent malfunctioning and protect your high pressure cleaner
  • A great opportunity to save precious tap water and use rainwater for cleaning​

Want to see more accessories?

With our extensive range of high-pressure washer accessories, you’ll be amazed by all the new things you can clean. From nozzles and brushes to dedicated patio or roof cleaning attachments – each designed to make any cleaning task quick and easy.

Patio Cleaner detergent for high pressure washer

The right high-pressure washer

The full and comprehensive range of Nilfisk high pressure washers means that you’ll always be able to find the right product for your needs.

  • ‘Compact’, ‘Excellent’ and ‘Pro’ models
  • Pressure ranges from 100 – 200 bar
  • With or without InHand Power Control
Blue high pressure washer and patio cleaner outside

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