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Commercial vacuum cleaners

Nilfisk offers a wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners, providing cleaning professionals with the right solution for every task. Our range of vacuum cleaners covers everything from dry canister vacs to uprights to portable backpacks to battery-driven and wet & dry vacs.

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Commercial vacuum cleaners

- best range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners for cleaning professionals

Nilfisk offers a wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners, providing cleaning professionals with the right solution for every task. Reliable, powerful, and easy to use, Nilfisk commercial vacuum cleaners are made to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and assist with the efficient cleaning of all types of spaces and industries.

With a range covering both upright, dry, and combined wet and dry vacuum cleaners, we have the high-performance solution for your cleaning application.

Nilfisk Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Explore our range

Upright vacuum cleaners

Nilfisk upright vacuum cleaners are designed to clean quickly and efficiently.
Wet and dry vacuum  cleaners

The Nilfisk wet and dry range of vacuum cleaners includes durable machines from 20 to 75 liters that can take on any application, big or small.
Dry vacuum cleaners

Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are designed with your operator in mind and our compact design is easy to use.


Commercial vacuums made with the operator in mind
Our commercial vacuum cleaners are easy to use and highly maneuverable, which allows them to go everywhere with ease, even in tight spaces or under furniture. They are ergonomically designed to ensure operator comfort without strain, for optimal effectiveness.

Robust and reliable cleaning performance
The high-quality construction of Nilfisk commercial vacuum cleaners is built to deliver reliable cleaning performance day in and day out. A robust chassis and quality components ensure a sturdy vacuum cleaner that always gets the job done - under a wide variety of different conditions and surroundings.

A variety of sizes and filtrations to fit your needs
The versatile vacuums from Nilfisk come in different sizes, with machines tailored for everything from very tight spaces to areas with large square footage. With a variety of filtration configurations, Nilfisk vacuums are suitable for all types of industries where high hygienic standards are needed.

Easy and efficient vacuuming in all applications
The range of commercial vacuum cleaners covers both dry vacs and wet and dry vacuum cleaners for every industry. From hotel lobbies to hospitals and automotive service centers, commercial vacuum cleaners from Nilfisk offer powerful and trouble-free cleaning quality day after day.