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September 15, 2021

How to store a pressure washer for the winter

Your high-pressure washer is not getting much use and it’s time to prepare it for storage over the winter months.

The summer season is over, the cold nights are setting in and it’s raining like there’s no tomorrow. Your high-pressure washer is not getting much use and it’s time to prepare it for storage over the winter months. Did you know, one of the main reasons why pressure washers break down is due to incorrect storage and freezing throughout the winter months? 

The ideal storage place for a jet power washer is indoors in a heated environment. However, for most, this is not an option which is why it’s essential to follow the correct steps in preparing your jet washer for the winter. 

1. Flush out any excess detergent  

First of all, if you’ve been using your machine with detergents or cleaning products such as car shampoo, make sure you rinse out the tubes. To do so, fill your detergent bottle with water, connect to the mains and rinse it for around 60 seconds. This will stop any detergent from clogging the systems.  

2. Drain excess water from your hose 

It’s likely there is some excess water left inside the hose of your high pressure washer. To remove it, disconnect your machine from the water and use the hand gun to drain out all the remaining liquid. This will stop the water from freezing and breaking the pipe.  

3. Wipe down your hose with a cloth  

Wipe down the hosepipe of your machine with an old cloth. This will help to stop mould from growing on your pipe due to humidity.  

4. Store your jet power washer in a dry place 

The ideal setting for your pressure washer is in a heated environment. But for most, this isn’t an option – so your best bet is to store your high pressure washer inside your shed or garage, avoiding damp areas wherever possible. We recommend protecting your machine even further with a cloth or polyester cover to keep out bugs, spider webs and rust on your machine.  

As you can see, preparing your pressure washer for the winter isn’t a difficult task, but it is necessary in order to keep it as close to its original condition as possible. It also means you’ll be ready to go for your next spring cleaning!  

Press play and learn how to safely store your Nilfisk high-pressure washer during the winter months. 

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