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İsteğinizi işleme almak için Nilfisk'in verilerinizi küresel Nilfisk Group'taki diğer şirketlerle paylaşması gerekebilir. Aşağıdaki isteğinizi göndererek Nilfisk A/S'nin ve ilgili küresel bağlı şirketlerinin, isteğinizi işlemek için gerektiğinde verilerinizi Avrupa Ekonomik Alanı (EEA) dışına göndermek de dahil olmak üzere kişisel verilerinizi paylaşabilmesine ve işlemesine izin vermektesiniz.


Sustainability priorities

Driving long-term changes for a better world

Sustainability is rooted in our business strategy – and thereby integrated across all our activities. We strive towards four sustainability priorities based on material topics, salient human rights, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How we operate to create value

Sustainability Priorities 1 Environment EN
Sustainability Priorities 2 Social EN
Sustainability Priorities 3 Governance EN


We are committed delivering action focusing on selected Sustainable Development Goals. Acting within a shared framework makes it possible to communicate our performance, while working towards impactful and science-based sustainability targets.

How Nilfisk operates

We proudly disclose our ratings within internationally recognized frameworks
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The latest sustainability assessment of Nilfisk was given by EcoVadis in November 2023, awarding the company 71 out of 100 points’. This rating is illustrated by a Gold Medal

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Science Based Targets Initiative

Having science-based targets provide Nilfisk with a clearly defined path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions limiting global warming in line with the Paris Agreement goals.

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Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Nilfisk discloses its climate actions and achievements via CDP, an international non-profit organization.

In 2023, for the fourth consecutive year Nilfisk kept an A- score, keeping Nilfisk in the leadership category.

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UN Global Compact

Nilfisk committed to UN Global Compact in 2010 and has since then been disclosing our company’s performance on the 10 Guiding Principles.

ESG Transparency Badge 2023

ESG Transparency Partner

As part of our ESG transparency efforts, Nilfisk reports into Nasdaq's ESG reporting platform and is certified Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner 2023.

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Nilfisk reports within Sedex, a global organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.

EU and US Sanctions

Nilfisk complies with applicable trade and economic sanctions imposed by, e.g. the United States and European Union. We require that vendors and dealers also comply with sanctions that impact their business with Nilfisk, to ensure that our business dealings do not result in sanctions violations.

See the current list of countries and other geographic subject to key US or EU sanctions – vendors and dealers may not deal with those countries in the business they do with Nilfisk, unless Nilfisk gives prior written approval.

Knowledge Center

Discover a range of articles and insights on how your cleaning can become more sustainable - all gathered in one place.

Certificates and reports

Nilfisk's Certificates and Reports

At Nilfisk, we want to bring transparency to our customers concerning our efforts at ensuring that products are safe and compliant. Nilfisk’s policy is to comply with all applicable standards, as well as any regulatory or legal requirements directed at Nilfisk or our products. In this section, we have provided Nilfisk’s Business Code of Conduct, Nilfisk’s Statement on Modern Slavery Act, and our ISO and Product Compliance Declarations.

Nilfisk CSR Report Thumbnail

Our latest Sustainability report covers the financial year 2023. We have set new ambitious targets for sustainability and plan to be leading the way on environmental, social, and governance-related matters.

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Students at education facility

We consider respect for the internationally recognized human rights a backbone of our sustainability work and we want to ensure the full and irrevocable application of human rights by assessing this on a broad corporate level, but also on a country and site basis.

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ECO Vadis

Nilfisk has industry-leading ambitions for sustainability and recent efforts are now awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Medal. Thereby Nilfisk places itself in the top 5 percent of all global companies rated by EcoVadis

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CSR Report 2022 Image

Sustainability Report 2022

Our Sustainability Report 2022 shows how Nilfisk is going from commitment to action, setting bold targets and presenting solid results across Environment, Social and Governance.

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Nilfisk Business Code Of Conduct Visual

Our Business Code of Conduct expresses our commitment to promoting behavioral standards and accountability throughout the company. It describes the fundamental rules governing the way we act internally and externally.

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ISO Visual

Nilfisk has an ISO-certified quality- and environmental-management system that provides us with focus and structure. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 are worldwide standards administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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Product Compliance Declarations Visual

At Nilfisk, we want to bring transparency to our customers regarding our work in ensuring safe and compliant products. Nilfisk’s policy is to comply with all applicable standards, regulatory & legal requirements that are directed at Nilfisk and our products, such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE and Conflict Minerals.

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Nilfisk Statement UK Modern Slavery Act Visual

At Nilfisk, we believe that this initiative is an important step towards increased transparency for companies operating in the UK, with a focus on preventing serious violations that occur in global supply chains. The initiative is aimed at slavery, forced labor, human trafficking, and more.

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Ethics And Compliance Square

This folder gives an introduction to Nilfisk programs and initiatives within Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality, and Environmental management and Compliance.

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