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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

We have a wide range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners to suit all of your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs. See which one’s right for you

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Multi II

Multi II 22 T

Sturdy and efficient vacuum cleaner perfect for tackling tougher dirt
Multi II 30 T

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner that packs a powerful punch

Buddy II

Nilfisk Buddy II 12

Dynamic vacuum cleaner with a lightweight and compact design
Nilfisk Buddy II 18 T

Highly effective wet and dry vacuum cleaner with in-built outlet for power tool

The right Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner

There is hardly a home that does not have a traditional vacuum cleaner. But if you live in a house with a terrace and garden, then there is good reason to also invest in another type of vacuum cleaner for the rougher tasks - namely a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Buddy – Your number 2 vacuum cleaner for house, car and garden
  • Multi – The perfect partner for in- and outdoor renovation
Woman cleaning couch with Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner

Clever Cleaning with Nilfisk Wet and Dry accessories

Optimize your wet and dry vacuum cleaner with our range of accessories.

For example, our top selling Car Kit that among others includes a Turbo nozzle with in-built, rotating brushes, you can get in deep when you vacuum the car mats.

Man cleaning car with Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner

Clever Cleaning - Push&Clean

As with all Nilfisk products, it is a case of Danish design quality with smart, in-built functions. The Multi II series separates itself from the previous models by being equipped with several smart features. As a standard, the Multi II will tell you, itself, when the filter needs to be cleaned. On most models, there is even an in-built innovative and unique Push&Clean function, which makes it possible to let the machine clean the filter by itself, by using a wave of pressure around the filter.

Woman blowing leaves with Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner

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