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Stationary pressure washers

Fixed cleaning applications offer optimal cleaning for optimal margins. Maybe your assignment is to maintain hygiene levels in a slaughter-house, kitchen or processing plant. Or perhaps you need to degrease metal components at an industrial site.

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Stationary pressure washers

- for agriculture, industry, shipping, and the food industry range from small-scale to industrial capacity

Fixed high-pressure washers offer optimal cleaning for optimal margins. Maybe your assignment is to maintain hygiene levels in a slaughterhouse, kitchen, or processing plant, or perhaps you need to degrease metal components at an industrial site. Whatever the task, a Nilfisk stationary pressure washer will help cut operating costs with high efficiency and improved reliability.

Our range of stationary pressure washers covers both cold and hot variants to handle all types of cleaning tasks for many different industrial and self-service applications.

SC DUO Stationary Pressure Washer

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Stationary cold water pressure washers

Nilfisk stationary cold-water solutions are for use in agriculture, industry, shipping and the food industry.
Stationary hot water pressure washers

Nilfisk offers a full line of products for industrial and self-service applications. These products help cut your operating costs, shorten your down time, and improve reliability.


Pressure washers for heavy duty cleaning tasks
The extensive range of stationary pressure washers from Nilfisk covers cold water and hot water machines heated with electricity, diesel, or gas fuel, for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Even stubborn and coarse dirt and dust will be effectively removed with our range of powerful cold and hot water pressure washers.

High cleaning performance
Nilfisk stationary pressure washers have different pressure and water flow variants for different cleaning tasks and a variety of configurations to fit the specific cleaning task at hand. Designed for flexible use across industries, you will find a pressure washer to fit your individual cleaning needs.

An intuitive user experience
Whether you work alone or several users together, stationary pressure washers from Nilfisk are built for ease of use and minimal operator strain. Simple installation and configuration along with an intuitive control panel let you work efficiently and reduce the risk of operator errors.

Ready to go when you are
The Nilfisk optimal service concept ensures easy maintenance, reduced downtime, and maximized long-term viability of your stationary pressure washer. Certified service technicians provide you with repair and maintenance as well as advice and support for troubleshooting less serious concerns.

A unique ergonomic accessory concept
A wide range of accessories are available for Nilfisk stationary high-pressure cleaners to ensure efficient support for all cleaning needs and safe, comfortable operation under a wide variety of working conditions. Ergonomic handles and reduced noise levels ensure stress-free pressure cleaning with reduced work strain.