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Petrol/diesel driven pressure washers

Extra flexible - independent of electrical power and normal water sources. Petrol or diesel powered - ideal for agricultural or construction materials in difficult locations. Robust, convenient, high-spec, high-value.

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Petrol- or diesel-driven pressure washers

- for an extra flexible cleaning

Nilfisk petrol- and diesel-driven pressure washers are extra flexible and independent of electrical power and normal water sources. A petrol- or diesel-powered pressure washer is ideal for agricultural or construction materials in difficult locations, and Nilfisk offers robust, convenient, and high-value machines for your heavy-duty cleaning needs.

The product range covers both cold and hot water pressure washers for many different applications that deliver high performance with minimal effort and maintenance.

MC 5M diesel/petrol-driven coldwater pressure washer

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Cold water heavy-duty petrol and diesel pressure washers

Hot water heavy-duty petrol and diesel pressure washers


Maximum flexibility and mobility
Petrol- and diesel-powered pressure washers offer the great advantage of being independent of electrical power sources and regular water networks. Innovative technology enables machines to suck water from a tank, a river, or a well, which makes them an ideal solution for cleaning a field or building site.

High cleaning performance and long lifespan
Nilfisk offers robust petrol- and diesel-driven pressure washers for professional use. They are designed for a long lifespan with minimal maintenance and downtime, even under tough working conditions. All are powered by petrol- or diesel-run motors that offer high performance, durability, and serviceability.

An intuitive user experience
All petrol- and diesel-motor-driven high-pressure washers are designed with a robust but lightweight frame and big wheels that make them easy to lift, transport, and maneuver. This, along with an intuitive control panel, makes our non-electric pressure washers easy and efficient to use for all operators.

Reduced downtime with an optimal service concept
Nilfisk Service Solutions lets skilled technicians help keep maintenance costs low and extend the lifespan of your pressure washer and other Nilfisk cleaning equipment. We know uptime is everything and are committed to ensuring that your pressure washer is ready to perform whenever you need it.

A wide range of accessories for your cleaning needs
Our ergonomic accessory concept enables you to increase the productivity of your pressure washer with various accessories and attachments designed for different cleaning tasks and working conditions. The ergonomic accessory package reduces work strain for stress-free and effortless cleaning.