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Steam cleaners

Our steam solutions offer the ability to clean far beyond what the eye can see, with high resource-efficiency, and quick-drying results. Whether you need short- or long-duration sanitisation capabilities, they offer excellent pressure and temperature levels, and specified models can even be used for disinfection and elimination of bacteria.

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Steam cleaners

- find the best steam cleaner for your cleaning need

Our steam solutions offer the ability to clean far beyond what the eye can see, with high resource-efficiency, and quick-drying results. The range of steam cleaners covers machines for both commercial use and heavy-duty multipurpose cleaning and disinfection.

Nilfisk offers professional steam cleaners with best-in-class cleaning performance and ergonomic, strain-free operator control. The range covers versions with vacuum, with steam only, and with or without chemical steam cleaning.

Nilfisk Steam Cleaner

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Nilfisk SDV

Steam cleaner with steam, vacuum and detergent functions for heavy duty and multi purpose cleaning and disinfection
Nilfisk SO4500

Steam cleaner for multi-purpose indoor/outdoor cleaning and disinfection
Nilfisk SV8000

Steam and vacuum cleaner for multi-purpose and heavy duty cleaning and disinfection


User-friendly, professional steam cleaners
Ergonomic design, easy manoeuvrability, and an intuitive interface make industrial and commercial steam cleaners from Nilfisk both easy, comfortable, and safe to use for the operator. The user-friendly design ensures strain-free operation with minimal training for optimal cleaning performance.

Maximum continuous use for efficient cleaning
Nilfisk steam cleaners leave any surface sanitised, dry, and ready for use in less time, with a runtime that allows cleaning of even the largest areas. They come with a continuous-fill boiler and offer continuous use for up to 6, 8, or 12 hours, depending on the specific steam cleaner model.

Durable design and high-quality components
Professional steam cleaners from Nilfisk are made to last and offer reliable and efficient cleaning of even the toughest and most hazardous environments. High-quality components ensure a long lifetime, and our extensive service solutions guarantee that your steam cleaner is ready to perform whenever you need it.

Steam cleaning for optimal hygiene
Steam cleaning offers cleaning beyond what the eye can see, whether you need chemical-free sanitisation or lab-certified disinfection with detergent. The product range covers steam cleaners suitable for all industry sectors, no matter the surface or environment.